Hi, I’m John

I am an undergraduate student, researcher, and teacher at U.C. Berkeley studying computer science and sustainable energy. I am interested in applying data science and human-computer interaction to challenges in economic and environmental sustainability.

Currently, I am helping the Berkeley RISELab with the eXtensible Building Operating System (XBOS). My specific task is to build an API for the analysis of building energy consumption. I am also leading a student-taught course called Sustainable Energy for a Greener Tomorrow (ERG 98). This class introduces 30 students to energy and the environment, and features a diverse set of guest speakers from academia and industry.

Before Berkeley, I grew up in New Jersey and attended Westwood Regional High School, where I was inspired by a team of outstanding public school teachers. Since then, I have created software solutions for electric vehicle charging at Volta and for solar customer experience at Tesla. I also worked on E-mission in the Berkeley RISELab, which aims to use mobile applications to encourage green transportation. At these organizations I learned how well-designed, data-driven technology can help individuals, businesses, and policymakers make sustainable decisions.

In my free time I like to read, write, cook, camp, and run in the Berkeley hills.

Welcome to my site!